Long-Term Care Planning ("LTC"):

LTC is first about your quality of life choices and then how to pay for those choices. Your PLAN needs to include your wishes, the family’s, and others who will help when needed. Housing choices include: (1) staying at home and with help when needed; (2) preparing for the possibility (40% chance) that you or your spouse will one day need to move to assisted living (AL) or nursing home (NH); or (3) relocating nearer to family.

How to pay for your future may include: long-term care insurance, specialized annuities, qualifying for government benefits (VA or Medicaid), protection trusts, and reverse mortgages. These are examples of some of the specialized training and experience we have acquired over the decades of helping hundreds of families. If AL or NH is in your future (40% chance), then the Medicaid application process will be necessary for which we help you advance plan and when needed, the application itself and take less from your family by proper advance planning

• Housing options, i.e. at home, assisted living and nursing home and continuing care retirement communities. Included is costs of care, type and quality of care, admission issues, etc. We’ve worked with numerous home care companies as well as families or friends, how to pay them, etc.
• Medicaid planning involves how to get help form the government to pay for a portion to avoid loosing everything
• Also the roles for veterans benefits and Medicare, Miller trusts, Medicaid benefits applications, Medicaid annuities to transfer assets to a spouse or the children ,etc. Proper spenddowns, including specialized annuities, funeral trusts, paying debts, car loans, to name a few strategies permitted.. I can analyze any long term care insurance policies, annuities and any other investment. I do not sell any financial products and can recommend local expects if such are needed
• Also involves analyzing best tax planning strategies to minimize loss from using IRA s, 401-k's, etc. to help pay costs of care