John Ellis, Esquire

John has been the lead attorney in all types of real estate transactions, including; purchase, sales and refinances. His experience includes literally hundreds of transactions involving, residential, commercial, agricultural and construction loans. As a former in house counsel to a financial institution for twenty years, he understands what Banks and other businesses need in an attorney and they appreciate his banking experience and representation from their point of view. John is proficient in preparing and reviewing all types of business documents, including: deeds, sales agreements, mortgages, buy/sell agreements, title insurance, and all of the various government documents required when borrowing money.

John also has substantial experience in Business law and formation and advising clients about the formation and operation of their LLCs, corporations and limited partnerships. John also represents creditors in Bankruptcy court when a debtor has filed bankruptcy. John has significant experience in Estate law, including both probate and preparation and advice regarding preparation of Wills, Trusts, and other estate documents.

• Real Estate transactions, both residential and commercial, all aspects
• Business Law, including collections, banking law and transactions, advice and formation of LLC’s, corporations and partnerships
• Estate Law, including probate, preparation of Wills, Health Care Directives, Power of Attorneys and Trusts
• Bankruptcy Law (limited to representing creditors only)

John Ellis